Different Types of SEO

SEO may sound much like a buzzword which generally aims to help any website rank higher and gain more traffic. However, there are different types of SEO wherein each approach addresses various needs. There’s a stark of differences between them which not only defines what it actually does on your website, but what it can do for your business towards achieving your goals and sweet success.

Three basic types of SEO are utilized which are often referred to as “hats” under which different philosophies tools, methods and techniques are followed through. Understanding every type offered today allows you to gain a better idea of how it works, what you can get out of it, and ultimately pick the right company with SEO services that will provide you with exactly what you need. Discover the ways they can help your online business to come up with an informed decision.

The Three Types of SEO

1. White Hat SEO

Type of SEO which utilizes techniques and methods which are compliant with search engine guidelines, primarily of Google. This involves a myriad of techniques performed by expert SEO specialists. You can expect gradual yet stable and long-term growth that will support your website’s sustainable goals. It typically includes:

On-Page Optimization

This type of SEO is done on the website and clearly visible to users and search engines. Solid and informative content on your site must possess the right length with headings, HTML and meta tags that are properly formatted for the ideal website structure. On-Page optimization works on your existing content, implementing HTML code corrections, removal of broken and dead links, the addition of a site map, internal links, landing pages, and analytic setup. This action educates crawlers about the main theme of your website and recognize your target keywords. Constant monitoring of data by monitoring tools provide feedback as to the status of a site’s keyword rankings. Here are the components of on-page optimization:

Keyword Research – The cornerstone of SEO campaigns, where the entirety of your website’s content revolves around carefully chosen keywords which would then be strategically placed. Keywords can make or break your website, since all other aspects of effective SEO rely on it.

Title Tags – Keywords in titles give the search engines the main idea of your webpage and are exhibited as the link itself in search results.

Page Content – Original content makes a page unique and when infused with relevant keywords, your website can be easily found by search engines. It must elicit high quality information users or your potential and existing clients will deem valuable. Well written, good flowing, interesting and useful content will surely be found one way or another and spread through online word of mouth.

Web Pages – The addition of web pages paves the way for dedicating each on specific services or information which enhances the indexed search terms as well as boosts title tags, headings, sub-headings, and landing pages. An over-optimized website with keyword spamming can be penalized by Google and you might risk everything slipping away.

Code Optimization – Produces a big impact on your ranking by presenting your content in an easy to understand format for search engines and its algorithms. A code-declutter also reduces the load time of your pages for seamless navigation.

Off-Page Optimization

This type of SEO is typically done on offsite and isn’t visible your website itself, but works behind the scenes in pushing for a higher ranking and your website to appear among the top positions. This involves the creation of new pages and the creation and submission of articles, classified ads, blog posts, press releases, and e-books. The components of off-page optimization include:

Inbound Linking – High-level link building obtains quality referral traffic from various sources, both attracting and impressing potential clients. Good quality linking focuses on quality links rather than quantity even if it comes by the hundreds.

Directory Submission – Your website to be listed within a number of directories under the right categories, which in turn allows more users to easily find your business through the directory listings.

Digital Assets – Off-page digital media includes imagery, videos, articles, and podcasts. This includes content for the most popular social media such as Facebook images and YouTube videos that people love to watch. These SEO strategies will greatly enhance your web presence as it significantly increases your online visibility and searchability.

2. Black Hat SEO

Type of SEO that’s a total opposite of White Hat. This risks being in conflict with search engine guidelines which can involve link spamming, keyword stuffing, hidden text, hidden links, and cloaking. Results may indeed display quick growth in rankings but is unpredictable and short-term only.

3. Gray Hat SEO

SEO that can go outside the white hat optimization but doesn’t necessarily cross the line by getting into the black hat approach. Grey Hat is somewhere in the middle of the two, balancing itself between taking risks and acquiring significant results with its unique strategies.

To sum it up and in accordance to major search engine guidelines, White Hat vs Black Hat is like good vs bad. Though people have varying opinions, there is really no right and wrong but it corresponds to the level of risks a website and its owner undertakes upon wearing an aptly colored hat. It’s also a matter of acknowledging what you are subjecting your online site into and making the best choice for your business. Most importantly, it entails how your website can rank among the top positions to get organic traffic based on relevant searches which likewise affects your utmost potential revenue.

Being successful in whatever products or services you have to offer depends on the strategies implemented and its effectiveness across various categories. The expertise and experience of reliable SEO specialists can make it all possible for you. The on-page, off-page, content, analytical experts will altogether work towards higher ranking while ensuring that the risk of getting penalized is avoided at all costs. As the strengths of your website are strengthened even more and the weaknesses are improved, you will undoubtedly achieve higher rankings and desired lucrative results.